First Carbon Credits Sena HEPP Sold

ISTANBUL, 11 May 2016 - The owner of Sena HEPP – Hoşdere Enerji A.S. – concludes first carbon credits trade. The project had generated nearly 21,000 carbon credits in 2013 and 2014, which has been verified under the VCS Carbon Standard end of last year. The company sold 3,000 carbon credits, which will be used by the buyer to neutralize emissions associated with their annual general meeting. Opportunities to sell the remainder of the carbon credits are being explored.The Sena Hydro Electric Power Plant (SENA HEPP) in the Aras River basin consists of two run-of-river hydroelectric generators, each with a capacity of 10.72 MWe. The electricity generated is delivered to the national electricity grid, thereby avoiding electricity generation from fossil fuel sources, such as coal. In addition to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the project also contributes to social and economic development, such as providing scholarships, clean drink water supply, job creation and improved soil for agriculture.